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We are a scuba diving website dedicated to being an adventurous resource of information for the introduction of diving, sage recommendation of equipment and education for new scuba divers, as well as, providing crusty information for seasoned scuba divers. Our motley crew is captained by Brian Smith who is a Civil (or uncivil) and Structural Engineer with over 30 years of scuba diving experience.

Just over two-thirds (2/3) of the planet earth is covered in water, which creates extensive opportunities for water activities, including scuba diving. Scuba diving is unique in that it allows you to participate in vast underwater adventures and observe the ocean coral, flora and fauna, as well as, observe the various reef and ocean-going creatures in the sea.

Well known creatures are whales, sharks, dolphins, fish, etc., lesser known are sea horses, crustaceans, sponges, mollusks and coral reefs, to name just a few! This site will guide you through many aspects of the untapped, never ending excitement of scuba diving.

Our site will always be an ever-expanding treasure chest of scuba diving information. So, get ready to learn and get wet!